Nautilus Gnome 43 Menu Bar

Hi, I note that there doesn’t seem to be a ‘Select All’ menu in the window title bar or drop down menus! Right Click in the window offers ‘Select All’ but it seems a bit of a strange omission. Am I missing something in the set-up? Thanks.

Well, this was an intentional design choice. Select All and Paste were both deemed too contextual to belong in the headerbar.

That said, design may be revisited. So, your feedback here is useful.

Can you share more of your thoughts on why this feels like a strange omission?

Thanks for the reply. I use a MacBookPro having left Apple a long time ago in favour of Linux. It is more difficult using the Touchpad for certain multi-key commands and having the menu fully populated is really helpful. With a mouse attached… no problem! Just a suggestion!

Oh, that was not one of the reasons I would have guessed. I’m glad I asked. Thanks!

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