Name of other LDAP user shows in user's menu (Gnome Shell 3.28.3)

One of our customers observed an issue, he can start gnome session with his user account but in the Gnome user’s menu, the name appears different( which is another user present in the system).

                        Logged in User - jose.saiz
                        Name appears on the user menu - manuel.porcel.

                        We have tried the following things to resolve the issue but it is still unresolved:-

                                                        i.            Terminate/purge the user’s session and launch a fresh session.
                                                      ii.            loginctl terminate-user jose.saiz
                                                     iii.            clean up the user’s home and try from scratch

                          ps -ef | grep dbus output –

                       Note :- Both user had same ID in LDAP, but we have  updated that and restarted sessions. 
                                      now LDAP entries looks like-
                                             •	# id jose.saiz
                                                     uid=13158(jose.saiz) gid=1001(cmlsusers) groups=1001(cmlsusers)
                                                    # id manuel.porcel
                                                    uid=12158(manuel.porcel) gid=1001(cmlsusers) groups=1001(cmlsusers)

                      GNOME Shell 3.28.3

gnome-shell gets the user from AccountsService, so that’s likely the place to look. But note that 3.28 is very old, and hasn’t been support upstream for years. So if you want to file an issue, you should do so with your distributor.


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