My new Project : Aduct


I made my first Python package that can be installed via PIP. It is called “Aduct”.

Aduct is a toolkit to design graphical applications that can be dynamically changed with a little work as possible. It is designed by inheriting objects provided by Gtk and thus by following principles of Aduct with Gtk, one can make powerful applications that are easy for a developer to develop, third-party person to improve and end user to use.

Put simply, Aduct lets you make complex interfaces which can be easily changed by users without any trouble.

What help I need :

This is my first project where I put a much work in writing docs and things. So I’m a pretty noob who needs a help from various people with different ideas. Hence I kindly request you to spend time with Aduct (if you can) :

  1. Use Aduct - please use it and tell me your feedback, I will be really happy

  2. Requesting features and reporting bugs - as already said, you might have a different perspective of how a feature should work, I welcome those.

  3. Criticisms - They are always hurting, but still I’m ready to face it.

  4. Sharing with others - If you think that there is someone who can make use of Aduct, you can help by sharing Aduct.

  5. Writing docs - The docs could be unclear, could be improved, you can help me here.

  6. Improving source code - I salute those brave hearts who are ready to dive into business of coding. Don’t worry, formatting won’t be so poor, I used Black, Pylint, Bandit to make it readable and powerful.

  7. Star it - The most easy one; it encourages me.

This is not any spam or promotion. Aduct is released in LGPL license and is completely free. Improving and using Aduct, strengthens the community work, meaning of open source, gives me a satisfaction.

Thank you for reading till here,



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