Moving photo library including raw photos

Hi, the Shotwell FAQ gives two methods for moving a photo library to another location, but warns (apparently for both methods) not to do this if the library includes RAW files.

Is there any way to do this with RAW files?

The two methods depend on shotwell picking up the photos in the new location and matching them up with the old database, this goes horribly wrong with the development files of RAW files. Those will show up in the library, and in the worst case you will get an endless loop regenerating the developments.

if you really want to move library with RAW files, you should probably (untested):

  • stop shotwell
  • move the library to new location
  • change the library import folder using gsettings or dconf-editor
  • adapt all paths in the database to the new location
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Thanks for the quick reply!

Since the issue seems to be with the file paths, would it also work to give the new disk the same path as the old one?

At the moment I have my Pictures folder on a disk mounted in a directory called data, so the path is /home/mark/data/Pictures

Would shotwell be happy if I mounted the existing disk somewhere else, then mounted the new disk in /home/mark/data ?

yes that works but you have to make absolutely sure that the disk is mounted before you start shotwell. otherwise you basically run into the same issue as wih the move

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