Missing some Icon browser in Gnome 3.36

Some Icon browser in my Gnome 3.36 are missing, Do you know what happened ?
It’s really weird

Please help my find a solution …
Appreciate it.

You’re referring to these two, in the Power Manager window, I assume? Those are the only two I noticed that were missing.


The icons used for those controls are “list-add-symbolic” and “list-remove-symbolic”.1 If you have the gtk3-icon-browser utility installed on your system (it’s part of the gtk3-devel package in Fedora 31), what do you see when you look up the “list-add” and “list-remove” names under Symbolic icons? I get this, for example, when I look up “list-add”:

And that’s what the CPU Power Manager extension shows on that first button, on my system.

It seems like your theme might just be missing those icons, or maybe not have the right form/size of them available. (If you click on an icon in gtk3-icon-browser, you’ll see all the available sizes:)


Running locate list-add-symbolic shows me all of the places on my system where it’s available:

$ locate list-add-symbolic

Is “list-add-symbolic” present in your system theme?


  1. I determined the identity of the icon in question by enabling and activating the Gtk+ Inspector, then hitting Ctrl+Shift+i with my mouse pointer over one of the buttons in question. Then I opened the Properties list for that control, which includes the icon-name:


I guess I don’t have list-add-symbolic in my computer

But I think this problem is completely just within my Tela icons theme, because when I changed to Papirus, it has both of these icons

Do you have any advice? because I love Tela icons theme so much,
so use another icons theme is the last choice haha
Screenshot from 2020-04-15 12-00-30

You will need to ask the maintainer of that icon theme to design and add the missing icons.

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