Meld feature: go to the next modified/changed file without stopping at missing files

When I compare directories I often want to copy new/modified files from the left pane to the right pane. The ALT+down key helps to find the next modified/new file, but it also stops at missing files. Since the right pane has a lot of extra files, using ALT+down is often not helpful. My workflow would greatly improve if there is a short-cut key (e.g. CTRL+down) to go to the next modified/new file in the pane, without stopping at missing files.

I can see that this would be nice to have. Unfortunately, Meld’s current models make this tricky, because we track previous/next differences for the whole comparison instead of per-pane.

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I was thinking that the function to go to the next difference could be changed (it could take the active pane into account, when CTRL is pressed), rather than changing the list of differences. But this could still be tricky, of course.

It amounts to the same thing. We keep a separate structure to track previous/next differences (which we need so that we can correctly handle sensitivity setting for actions), so changing things so that the logic can apply per-pane means changing the structure. This is certainly manageable, but it’s also definitely real work.

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