Manual compare selection in directory view

Meld feature request:
When in directory-comparison mode, it would be nice to have the ability to manually “select-for-compare” any file(s) or folder(s). Then, when ready, an option to “Compare Selected” which opens up a new comparison tab (ie a new comparison session).

This could be facilitated by way of right-click options, or some kind of checkboxes in the tree view.

Use case: We have two repo’s, which are very similar, but some folders have been moved around in one repo. We still want to do a file comparison of those unmatched folders, and still maintain a one-tab global view of both repos. Instead, right now, to compare those unmatched folders, we have to go through the process of making a new compare session (new tab) manually, going through all the requisite prompts.

This is a long-standing request ( that no one has gotten around to looking at. It’s complicated because our selection logic doesn’t handle selections across multiple trees/panes, and that would need to be fixed and tested before we could even look at adding actions for doing different-name comparisons.

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