Maildir account not showing messages

I have a Maildir in my home directory that was created and maintained by Dovecot. I am attempting to use Evolution’s Maildir account type to show these messages.

When I point this account at ~/Maildir, I see a top-level folder called INBOX with the many subfolders I would expect. However, selecting INBOX or any of its subfolders shows no messages. Instead, there is a top-level folder called Inbox. This has the messages I would expect to see in INBOX; but it has none of the subfolders. On the filesystem, subfolders beneath ~/Maildir look like .INBOX.*.

Is there a way to configure the Maildir account type to make it useful in this scenario? I get the impression that perhaps Evolution needs to be told somehow that the INBOX subfolder prefix corresponds to the top-level Maildir.

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