Limit auto-completion of recipients to a specific address book per account

Hi all,

I opened this feature request yesterday because I was quite sure that this option doesn’t exist yet: Different address books for different mail accounts (#2333) · Issues · GNOME / evolution · GitLab

But Andre indicated that it is possible to limit auto-completion of recipients to a specific address book per account in the settings: Edit > Preferences > Composer Preferences > Send Account > Use for Recipients

When I go to the settings and click on “Add” on the “Use for Recipients” list I just get a empty input field. I would expect that it allows me to select a address book, similar like “use for folders” on the left side allows to select a folder.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything about it in the documentation and also a internet search was without results.

Can someone explain how to use the setting the right way?

Thanks a lot!

the Send account override is about something else. It’s written at the
top of that page what it is for, I’m not going to repeat it here.

What you want is a check that you write to a work address when sending
from a work address. See Edit->Preferences->Plugins->Sender Validation
->Configuration tab. The 3.48.x has there two sections, I do not see
what version of the Evolution you have.

There is currently no way to limit autocompletion books for certain
send accounts in the composer.

Thanks for your answer! Than I misunderstood the initial answer on Gitlab, it seem like the feature doesn’t exist and the developers are not interested in the feature request :frowning:

“Sender Validation” doesn’t work for me. Because I don’t want to make sure that I send mail to specific people with the right account, I want to make sure that I don’t write accidentally to the wrong people when I compose a mail with a given account.

the “Sender Validation” does both ways, in 3.48.x, as I mentioned. As
far as I can tell. I can be wrong.

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