Libdazzle DzlDockBin edge sizing


I am trying to replace the nested GtkPaned/Box/Box/Paned/Box/Revealer… thing in Shotwell with a DzlDockBin since it provides the layout I currently have with apparently less headaches. It works fine so far except for two things:

  1. My top and bottom edges are toolbars, which should not be resizable vertically - How do I prevent that?
  2. With the GtkPaned, I can set the initial split size and it is currently saved as a user preference - How can I mimic this with DzlDockBin? Using GtkWidget::set_size_request works, but I will also set the minimal size with that - One idea that I had was to provide my own GtkBin derivative that will return the proper width but that seemed a bit overkill

To reply myself here: Each edge is a DzlDockRevealer, which has the position attribute, similar to the GtkPaned, which I can set for that :slight_smile:

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