Libarchive support in gjs

Hi all:

Is libarchive supported in GJS? Does it have bindings? Where can I find an example?



From what I can tell, libarchive isn’t a GObject library and doesn’t have introspection, which is required for usage in GJS (or any bindings).

It should be possible to write an introspection layer Overview — GObject Introspection

But depending on what you are trying to achieve, it’s probably better to write that part of your program in C.


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Thanks. I’m checking now “gnome-autoar”, to see if I can use it instead.

What are you trying to archieve? (typo intended)

I want to remove file-roller dependency in Desktop Icons NG.

You could spawn the archiving utility you need directly.

GLib.spawn_command_line_sync('tar', ...)

(This is just an example - please us async methods)

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