LAS 2019 Registration and Travel Sponsorship

Registration is now open for LAS 2019!

Attendance is free of charge. Please register today so that we have your badge ready when you arrive, and to help us plan:

Travel Sponsorship Requests

If you need help getting to and staying in Barcelona, we’d appreciate it if you could ask your organization or company to sponsor the trip. If that’s not possible, we’ll do our best to sponsor some participants.

We have limited funds available, so submititng an application is not a guarantee of receiving sponsorship.

Please make travel sponsorship requests by September 15th.

GNOME Foundation Members

Please apply for travel sponsorship via GNOME’s travel committee:

KDE e.V. Members

Please apply for travel sponsorship via KDE e.V.’s travel committee:

All Others

Some communities, like Ubuntu, have funds that community members can request to attend LAS. Please check to see if there is anything that covers you.

Otherwise, please send us a request by e-mailing with:

  • Your name
  • The amount you will need and a breakdown of costs
  • If you are a GNOME or KDE Foundation member (or if you are not)
  • What you are planning to bring to the conference so we can consider your application. For example, are you submitting a talk, are you hoping to volunteer, etc? These are the types of things that help increase your chances of receiving travel sponsorship.

Please note that we will need receipts from all payments to have them reimbursed. After we receive your request, we may ask you for additional information.


The travel sponsorship deadline for LAS 2019 has been extended until Friday, September 27th: here’s how to submit your request.

Potential speakers – please submit your request now. Don’t wait until you start hearing about your talk submission status (speaker notifications will be rolled out soon).

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