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It’s my first post here so please be gentle and let me know how I can do better …
I’m developing an accessibility application for linux, which should let users use different input modalities beyond the traditional keyboard & mouse paradigm. I hinge my development insofar on the Ubuntu distribution and the Gnome desktop which I have found really great since it came back to being the default one there in Ubuntu 18.04 and forward.

I’m desperately trying to dig into how Gnome (should I write GNOME?) propagates keyboard layout changes to window applications.

In the old version of GNOME that I’m using (the one coming with Ubuntu 18.04), I get some interoperability pain between GNOME and the X Keyboard extension, as described here.

I would be happy to learn where to look for in the code, for the areas and components relating to keyboard layout, so I can get better interoperability of the application I’m developing with the GNOME desktop ― to accomplish things like switch the keyboard layout programatically and/or programatically push unicode text to a window as simulated keyboard input.

Currently I get an initial sense that my expectation to use Xlib API for those sakes does not play well with Gnome ….

As I mention (and actually detail in some length) there, my guess was that Gnome communicates above and beyond the X11 protocol to accomplish keyboard mappings, but I figure this merely half-educated hunch might be just uneducated, and couldn’t quite get to locate the related eventing code in this codebase.

Thanks for any help and for pointing me in the right direction!


P.S. there is a somewhat related older forum post touching what might be the same aspect titled “Keyboard-map related issue 2 …” but as a new forum user I am not allowed to include further direct hyperlinks in my first posts.

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