Key-mapper (Title must be at least 15 characters)

Recently Google found this for me:

GitHub - sezanzeb/key-mapper: 🎮 An easy to use tool to change the mapping of your input device buttons.

Seems to be a wayland compatible key mapper, like the famous Windows AutoHotKey.

Seems to be written in Python, and while the screenshots look a bit strange, it seems to be GTK.

For old computers like the Amiga or C64 such configurable key mappers where popular, but I had not found something useful for Linux in the last 20 years. I think I was close some years ago, but them wayland appeared.

Well maybe there is even one more, see GitHub - snyball/Hawck: Key-rebinding daemon for Linux (Wayland/X11/Console)

I came to this again because someone just told me about an open source hardware keyboard project.

I have still to learn how to install key-mapper, maybe I have to delay it til winter. But at least it shows that some people do still use GTK for new projects.

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