Key command for screenshot selection to clip board has stopped working


I recently upgraded to GNOME 42.2 (Fedora 36) from Gnome 3.38 (Fedora 33). In the course of that upgrade I found that being able to screenshot an area of the screen directly to the clipboard (CTRL+SHIFT+PrtSc) no longer works. After searching relevant issues on the GNOME GitLab instance I came across gnome-screenshot#191 where the user is experiencing the same symptoms, but was on GNOME 41.3 (Fedora 35).

In subsequent troubleshooting I realized that it’s actually CTRL+PrtSc doing nothing at all. It appears that this has been raised previously on Discourse (Shortcut for screenshot of a selected area is not working).

Since raising the issue on GitLab was shut down and re-directed here, what would the next steps for troubleshooting this be?

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