Issue when resizing multiple photos


I have download GIMP and BIMP in order to resize multiples photo at one time.

I got an issue doing it because when the images are resized in width and height that I wanted, the images are deformed if I choose stretch ratio, not in the px wanted if I choose preserve and with black border if I choose Pad ratio.

Could you help me with that? Is there a way to resize multiples photo in the size wanted (and add a watermark if possible)

Thank you for your help

I don’t know BIMP but this seems expected.

  • If the aspect ratio (width/height) of the input and output images are not the same then the image is stretched/shrunk in one dimension
  • If you keep the aspect ratio then the output width is computed from the output height (or vice versa) and won’t be no be the one you asked, so either you don’t get the request size or some padding is added or the image is cropped.

So what do you want to do in that case?

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