Isn't Gtkmm website gonna be updated?

Gtk’s official website is updated and looks awesome? What about Gtkmm website? And, why do we have Gtkmm for C++ when other languages have their own bindings only?

The gtkmm website is not maintained by the GTK developers; you should ask the maintainers of the gtkmm bindings, who are likely not on Discourse.

I don’t understand this question.

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Interesting! But still are they part of GNOME?

For languages like Python, Rust, Javascript, we have language bindings via GObject. Similarly why it was not done for C++? Why did they develop Gtkmm separately?

Sure, in as much as any language binding hosted on GNOME infrastructure is “part of GNOME”.

I don’t think I understand the question any better than I did before, unless you’re talking about “GObject Introspection” when you say “GObject”.

The C++ bindings predate GObject-introspection; the C++ bindings predate GObject entirely, to be fair. They are the oldest language bindings for GTK, developed before GTK 1.0 was even released. Over the years, the Gtkmm developers have used different API description mechanism, and decided not to move over to GObject-introspection, as that would have required a fairly sizeable rewrite and a full API break.

Gtkmm still wraps the GObject API, of course, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to write your own widgets in C++.

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Sorry for that -_-

This was what I wanted, thanks!

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