Is X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Version still needed in the desktop file?

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in the course of migrating from autotools to meson I was wondering if adding the flag X-GNOME-Bugzilla-Version into the desktop file is still needed. I saw the requirement for that flag was added roughly 19 years ago: and the rationale for it had to do with “bug buddy reports”.

Currently, this is how it looks like for gnome commander:


Similar things I see for example for the rythmbox tool.

Are these lines (especially the fourth above) still relevant today, given that the software version should be part of the appdata file?


These lines are all obsolete. Bug Buddy was a GNOME 2 technology. It’s been gone for over a decade. Just remove them.

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On the GNOME GitLab I found 38 other projects that had these entries in their desktop file. Looked a suitable task for me as newbie and I might learn something along the way, so I started doing MRs for this. @uwescholz I’ve left out gnome-commander, unless you’re happy for me to do a MR for it.

Shoutout to @hadess for patience with me, and practical tips on git. I’ve started using these as needed to amend a commit message or add changes to it, which can’t be done with the GitLab web interface.

I’ve not yet done a MR for these: dasher, gnome-internet-radio-locator, gnome-mud, goobox, krb5-auth-dialog, postr. These are unfamiliar names to me and I’m not sure which are relevant to do a MR for.


Happy to help :slight_smile:

The only thing I would warn about would be the updating, which won’t show up as a problem in CIs, it will just end with untranslated desktop files if you forget to do it.

Good job getting this going!

That’s another thing I learned from you :slight_smile: I already went back through all MRs I did to check if the POTFILES needed to be updated, and added it to the commit if so. Should be all good and I’ll keep this file in mind.

Thanks Jake! No need to create a MR for gnome-commander. I plan to publish the next version with Meson support, so I will remove the deprecated desktop file entries in parallel. Thank you for the other MR’s!


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