Is there any way to get Mac style column view in Files App?

Title says it all. I am using Fedora 40 Workstation with Gnome. I miss the column view for Files on Mac. I am not very technically-competent but wondered if anyone knows if there is ANY way to get this type of folder view in Gnome?


The macOS column view is called “Miller columns”, it’s not supported in Nautilus. I think right now only Elementary’s file manager has support for it on Linux. I’m not sure but I think the package is called elementary-files on Fedora. I don’t know how well or if at all it works on GNOME.

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Thanks, that should help with Googling it!

It seems there is no solution, although I did see one person say that got column view by using Elementary’s Files app (He linked to GitHub - elementary/files: File browser designed for elementary OS)

I dont have a clue how to use Github, but if I could work that out, is there any reason why I couldn’t install this on Gnome?


Try it? If it doesn’t work you would just uninstall it.

Lacking confidence, that probably sounds kinda obvious, to others with more terminal/technical abilities. But I am hesitant to just ‘try stuff’ on Linux, not understanding the underlying goings on