Is there any way to align a GtkLabel at the horizontal start based on text direction?


Sorry if this is a silly question, it’s my first time using GTK. I’m trying to put a GtkLabel in a GtkBox, with the GtkLabel growing to take up all available horizontal space. And I haven’t been able to get the text to align to the start properly. What I’ve got so far:

  • “AB\nC” aligns to the left, like it should.
  • “AB\nג” aligns the first line to the left and the second line to the right, like it should.
  • “אב\nג” justifies both lines to the right, but aligns them together to the left. I can’t figure out how to get this to align right instead of left, without changing the behavior for either of the above two cases.

If I switch to GtkTextView it all works, but I can’t figure out how to get the correct alignment with GtkLabel.

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