Is there a way to set tooltip text or label for action?

In my app, enum all action via SimpleActionGroup.list_actions, then show them and set a shortcut for them, its data is too simple, is there a way to set tooltip text or label for action?

var pref_group = new Hdy.PreferencesGroup();
pref_group.title = action_group.title;
pref_group.description = action_group.description;

foreach (var action in {
    full_action = "%s.%s".printf(, action);
    accel_array = KApplication.singleton.get_accels_for_action(full_action);
    if (1 < accel_array.length) {
        expand_row = new Hdy.ExpanderRow();
        expand_row.title = full_action;
        expand_row.expanded = true;
        for (int i = 0; i < accel_array.length; i++) {
            accelerator = accel_array[i];
            expand_row.add(this.build_shortcut_row(full_action, accelerator));
    } else {
        accelerator = (0 < accel_array.length) ? accel_array[0] : "";
        pref_group.add(this.build_shortcut_row(full_action, accelerator));



It’s better if GAction has a member to get activated object.

No, there isn’t.

GAction/GMenu separates the presentation data from the action implementation.

GAction is just the action part.