Is there a way to hide Workspaces preview when I press Super buttom?

I think it will increase my privacy at “desperate situation”.
Is there some option to toggle in Dconfig?

I think it would be really cool to know about that. Very handy sometimes.

You can move them to a new work-space, like the privacy-worth windows to a new work-space on side. And shift rapidly to another workspace when the “spy” comes. But the use of Super key is to show the workspaces, you may use Super + A to bring up the applications grid directly. :wink:

So there is no such option that disable workspace from showing up when we press Super.
Currently, I am using
Super Z to hide all Windows.
Super 1 to go back to Workspace 1.
Super 2 to go to Workspace 2.

I execute this sequence in the matter of a second.
Problem is, people (like my sister) press random buttons to see what I was doing, and can accidentally press the Super button, and can notice a weird Workspace and can go inside that Workspace and can press Super button again where that person can see all the Windows/Application running in that Workspace. :scream:

Do you think gnome extension like Dash to Panel can (or are capable) provide this type of functionality? :roll_eyes:

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That is correct. If you don’t care about the super key at all, then you can turn it off altogether:

$ gsettings set org.gnome.mutter overlay-key ''

But there’s no setting for turning off selected UI elements.


In case you only want to hide the workspaces sidebar (rather than the big preview for the current workspace), then an extension is pretty minimal:

/* exported init */
const { Meta } =;

const { ThumbnailsBox } = imports.ui.workspaceThumbnail;

class Extension {
    constructor() {
        this._origUpdateSwitcherVisibility =

    enable() {
        ThumbnailsBox.prototype._updateSwitcherVisibility = function () {

    disable() {
        ThumbnailsBox.prototype._updateSwitcherVisibility =

(that’s a copy of the horizontal-workspaces extension without the code to make the workspace layout horizontal)

LOL. It happens in my life too, I often lock my screen and go, in such case :joy:

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