Is there a way to get PangoLayout from the text area inside GtkFontChooserWidget

I’m trying to create a PangoAttribute to apply to the font that is displayed as the preview.

Want to set underline/strikethrough ones.

Is it possible from the user code or I will have to modify the gtk source (I prefer to avoid it).

Thank you.

No you can’t get that pango layout

Could you suggest any other way to do what I want?

Basically I’d like to set the underlined/stikethrough version of the font available in there…

Thank you.

If there as a “underline/strikethrough version of the font”, the font chooser would already show it I guess? Those aren’t font variants as far as I know. Otherwise I have no idea how you would do that.

Could you post an example C code where this situation is involved? I may have an Idea!

Selecting tweaks like overline/underline/strikethrough/font color is not a feature that GtkFontChooserDialog currently has. And it is not extensible, so my advice would be to live with the limitation of the font chooser and add a separate UI for selecting tweaks like strikethrough. Or you get to do your own font chooser.

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