Is import of external absolute python module working with python-nautilus 1.2.3-5?


I’m currently trying to leverage python capabilities to integrate third party python module to nautilus.

I’m currently doing so:

import os, gettext, importlib.util
from gi.repository import Nautilus, Gtk, GObject, Gio, GLib
from io import StringIO
import sys, contextlib, io
from contextlib import redirect_stdout

spec = importlib.util.spec_from_file_location('odrive', '/home/caz/.local/share/nautilus-python/')
odrive_module = importlib.util.module_from_spec(spec)

But when loading nautilus using debug it just stops without any error, displaying the following:

_MESSAGES_DEBUG="all" NAUTILUS_DEBUG="Window" nautilus
(org.gnome.Nautilus:34850): GLib-GIO-DEBUG: 13:31:50.004: _g_io_module_get_default: Found default implementation gvfs (GDaemonVfs) for ?gio-vfs?
(org.gnome.Nautilus:34850): Tracker-DEBUG: 13:31:50.018: Loading ontologies from database.
(org.gnome.Nautilus:34850): Tracker-DEBUG: 13:31:50.019: Applying ontologies from /usr/share/nautilus/ontology to existing database
(org.gnome.Nautilus:34850): Tracker-DEBUG: 13:31:50.020: Current and DB locales match: 'C'
(org.gnome.Nautilus:34850): Tracker-DEBUG: 13:31:50.088: Cleaning up stale resource URIs

Am I able to load module the way I do? If not, what would be preferred option? (Please not I cannot add the module to py file, that’s why I try to load it from original source).


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