Is gtk 4 cross platform?

Hello. I have been thinking about starting a project with gtk 4 and libhandy. It needs to run on both Linux and Windows, but I cant find any good documentation on it. Is it possible at all?


Libhandy does not support GTK4; if you want to use the widgets in libhandy, you probably want to use libadwaita, but remember that libadwaita implements the GNOME user interface guidelines, so it might not be useful on other platforms.

GTK4 can definitely be used on Windows. You can either use MSYS2 or even build GTK and its dependencies using MSVC. We are actively improving the ability to build GTK4 with a native Visual C compiler toolchain.

As for libhandy, it might be portable, but it’s definitely meant to be used to write responsive UIs on mobile Linux environments, so Windows support might not be up to par.

Thank you for clearing things up!

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