Is GNOME To Do considered stable, is it maintained?

As I see, GNOME To Do author is focused on next generation of the application (mainly, using gtk4) while stable version is frozen on 3.28.1. Is GNOME To Do 3.28.1 considered stable, is it maintained? I have a lot of issues with this simple application โ€” sometimes my tasks disappear, sometimes my editions (task title, task date) disappear after relaunch. There is a lot of crashes and instability, even usage of scheduled tasks plugin makes this app crashing. :frowning:

I am not sure whether there is any sense to lost time to report this bug, so I am coming here with that question.

Yes, GNOME To Do 3.28 is considered stable and maintained. If there are crashes, you should file issues.

The main development branch aims at porting the GUI to GTK4, but issues in the business logic and crashes can happen regardless of that.

Disappearing, if consistent, is definitely more to do with backend GNOME To Do uses (Evolution Data Server). Just report an issue - best how you are able to reproduce it. I have seen these issues some time ago and it has been down to issues with Google APIs, it is worth to re-add your Google account in such case.

I was not able to reproduce issues with Evolution app, only with To Do so there are problems in To Do or To Do communicates improperly with E-D-S. Thanks guys, I will report my issues.

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