Introspection annotation to pass object to utility function

I just tried to call soup_form_decode_multipart() from perl. Here is my code:

($filename, $file_content_type, $file) = HTTP::Soup->form_decode_multipart($media_message);

But I get following error:

`HTTP::Soup' is not of type HTTP::Soup::Message at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/perl5/5.28/Glib/Object/ line 67.

As reading this:

Is soup_form_decode_multipart () missing an annotation. If so, what annotation is missing. I just can’t figure out.

2 things, first the function returns 4 values and I was using wrong access to the function. There is a nice program to explore the API perli11ndoc.

So it becomes:

($retval, $filename, $file_content_type, $file) = HTTP::Soup::form_decode_multipart($media_message);

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