Introduction tutorial for Flatpak development using Builder


Could you point me to a recent tutorial for doing Flatpak work with GNOME Builder? I’m trying with Pencil2D and Recipes but doesn’t work to me. Probably I’m missing several trivial steps out of my knowledge.

Thanks in advance.

Getting Started with Flatpak docs

How to create Flatpaks with Gnome Builder IDE

The Flatpak Building Guide by @refi64


Cloning a repo with only the flathub-manifest won’t work. You will need to canonical repo of the project to build it with Builder. In case the repo doens’t have a flatpak manifest of its own, you might find some trouble adjusting the flathub one.

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Any tip for how to manage this?

Maybe would be better not to use Builder in my case? I’ve just thought it have got the best fitted tool for Flatpak packaging. Maybe my use case is not the right one for the tool :-m

What is your use case?

Use flatpak/builder to work on an app with no existing manifest?

Package an existing app with flatpak?

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