Installed Extensions - Gnome Shell Extensions ERROR

Page link for installed extensions - Installed Extensions - GNOME Shell Extensions yields the following ERROR message with no way to repair, update or fix:

“Your native host connector do not support following APIs: v6. Probably you should upgrade native host connector or install plugins for missing APIs. Refer documentation for instructions.”

PLEASE give a definitive answer how to fix as this has gone on too long with no straight answers.
Thanks to all who care enough to help get it right.

this has gone on too long with no straight answers.

You mean two hours since you wrote the post? And you already resort to sending out private mail?

Anyway, this message looks like a pretty good bet:

Probably you should upgrade native host connector

In particular as the version included in Debian stable is four years old. From the website mentioned in the error message, it sounds like you want gnome-browser-connector nowadays, which is only in Debian testing.

Sorry if my “wait time since posting” was so short but this issue has existed for several months.

It is very flabbergasting.

Is there a simple fix?

If so, will you please share it?

Thanks again,

Shining Regards,

You cannot lie to yourself, no matter how hard you try.

Once you know the Truth, you are responsible for it.

Check your installed packages; if you have chrome-gnome-shell that is too old to work with the website. As Florian answered above you need gnome-browser-connector instead. Availability depends on your distro release.

Or you could install the Extension Manager flatpak, which doesn’t need the host connector.

For “Mr. Müllner’s” part, he is not the corporate point of contact for your service contract. He is free to maintain, not maintain, or maintain intermittently at his personal whimsy. He is not paid by the GNOME Foundation, or the GNOME community, and has no binding obligations here.

In your time here you’ve called people names, demanded service, made condescending remarks about our contributors and generally acted like you are somehow more important than the rest of us. If this is what you call respectful behaviour, then I think you should just find another community to engage in.


GNOME devs are always publicly reachable in lot of channels ( discourse / matrix / gitlab issues etc ).

Writing private e-mails to devs is not the right way to achieve your goals, however honest and good your intentions maybe.

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