Impossible to paste / copy from Nautilus to the desktop (and vice versa) since the last upgrade

Dear all,

I’m using Gnome on Zorin OS core 16 and am very happy with it.
However, I just noticed that it’s now impossible to copy or paste anything from Nautilus to the desktop (the paste button is just grey and not activated) and vice versa.

I was wondering if this was done by design or if there is maybe some hidden option that I could activate in order to use this functionality again.

Thanks very much for you kind help

GNOME does not really use the desktop for anything; if Zorin is enabling the desktop icons extension then you’ll have to ask on a Zorin user support forum.

I suppose this might be

Thanks to both of you for your answer.
In the meanwhile, I red more about the Gnome3 design philosophy, so it make it more understandable (I might not really agree on this philosophy though, but that’s not my business and I can still switch to an other desktop).

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