Idea to Improve new user experience with Extensions

I was thinking it would be cool if had a category for extensions setup/top list/review. There users can post their preferred work flows using gnome extensions. As well as post reviews of promising extensions that do not quite make the cut for specified reasons.
Then baving a link pointing to from the website. Would help direct new comers to a place where they can save time searching for which extensions to get.

The website is not affiliated or maintained by the GNOME project, so any change will have to be presented to its owners. It’s also unlikely that the extensions website will point to a third party website: we’ve been bitten by that in the past, when domains changed and suddenly GNOME websites were pointing at spam, or worse.

Ya, but I was wondering if you guys see value in this and maybe join me in asking gnome-look to consider adding such a category.

You could put a small disclaimer next to the link saying it’s a third party site.

Gnome-look looks to be part of
Which I find to be professional (since 2001).

Reading the review process those specific reasons are the code being poor quality, insecure or unsafe. If that’s what gnome-look would be used for and the extensions website would link to it, that would make it look like GNOME approves which it doesn’t. I think this doesn’t benefit users.

If a user has already found the extensions website, how does it save them time to point them to gnome-look? Users can search and post reviews on the extensions website, gnome-look isn’t needed for that.

If you have suggestions to improve the extensions website, I think that’s a better focus.

The problem with the reviews is that it does not show an overall workflow Like I’d rather read reviews of a top lists to determine if I should click on each of those extensions covered in it.
Ya if possible I would like a gnome-look like format for the gnome extensions website that has a place for top lists/and workflows.

I’m not familiar with the gnome-look website. Where are you seeing “top lists/and workflows”? When I click on a category then at the top I can sort on latest, rating or “plinged” whatever that means. And in the right sidebar it list by popularity. On the extensions website I can sort by recent, downloads and popularity which seems pretty on par. I’m not finding “top lists/and workflows”.

I started out this thread as a suggestion to see if we can ask to have them add it the list of categories.

I get that but are you saying “top lists/and workflows” are not an existing functionality of gnome-look, for other categories? (And BTW it already has a Gnome Extensions category.)

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