IDE to work nder GNOE

Hi, ALL,
This question s directed to people who develops a software using GTK+, not GTK/GNOME developers.

If you are writing a software and this software have an executable and dynamic link libraries what you are using as an IDE?

Or you are really just using Builder and when you want to add a library you do it by hand?

Is there any alternative to Bulder that can do everything from start to finish?

Asking this again because it seems my *nix distro dropped Anjuta from their repo and is now trying to accomodate Builder.

As already explained here or in my other thread - Builder is not really an IDE, since you need to do some job yourself. It will also fails to open a Makefile-based project, because it doesn’t know anything about so generation.

Is there really know alternative solution?

Thank you.

One more time - looking for an IDE that can generate executable project and so DLL sub-project without human interference, build it, run it and possibly debug it.
The question is directed towards people who develop with GTK not GTK itself.

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