I wanted to know what gnome-shell is saying in journctl log

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This is what the journalctl logs says:

Sep 13 08:12:20 fedora gnome-shell[1587]: Some code accessed the property ‘SecondaryMonitorDisplay’ on the module ‘workspacesView’. That property was defined with ‘let’ or ‘const’ inside the module. This was previously supported, but is not correct according to the ES6 standard. Any symbols to be exported from a module must be defined with ‘var’. The property access will work as previously for the time being, but please fix your code anyway.

I create a detailed post on Reddit and a user named Joffrey said, "That shows up because SecondMonitorDisplay is defined as a constant value instead of a variable. Any modifications to SecondMonitorDisplay will trigger this warning. Changing classes like that is normal behaviour for extensions though. So you can consider this a mistake in gnome-shell.

There is actually nothing that can be done about it on the extension’s end. If you want to submit an issue, I believe doing it on gnomes GitLab page is your best bet.".

So I created a GitLab issue in gnome-shell thinking I will get some idea/respone. This is the response from Andre,“Hi Pranav, to receive help for code development support questions, please use https://discourse.gnome.org/ (or the mailing list or chat channel of the project, if existing), as GNOME’s ticket system is used for actionable feature requests and errors in the code of GNOME software. I am closing this task as invalid. Thank you for your understanding!”.

Finally, I might be in right place. I hope I won’t be redirected further. Need an EL5 explanation on the log statement. And more importantly, is there some way to resolve the issue.

Not sure what you expected with that Gitlab issue. You didn’t say much. Anyone reading that would guess that you’re saying that there’s an issue in your code and you need help with your code. Only after a triager took action you have a long response. Triagers aren’t developers.

I find it rather odd to see a complaint that you were redirected from Gitlab.

The extension is using private code that it is not supposed to touch. This works, but creates a warning when it happens. To avoid the warning, you would need to rewrite the extension’s code to not do that.

That’s really all there is to it. Extensions have the power to monkey patch any code in gnome-shell. With great power comes great responsibility…

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