I made a GTK4 App (Linux and Windows) and am looking for infos to complete their installers

Hello, first of all, Thank you for GTK. I’m making my first application with GTK (GTK 4, C language, with Code::Blocks IDE) and now it compiles OK both on Linux and Windows. Now I want to make a .deb package for the Linux version, and I’m wondering which dependencies I should add into the control file for GTK. For the moment my Linux executable is only about 80 Kb and the .deb about 30 Kb, so it’s clear that it does not ship gtk resources. Maybe could I simply add gnome (42 ?) as dependency as it ships GTK4 ?

For the windows version, for the moment, I didn’t look at it installer seriously. Previously from this GUI application I made a console application (also in C language) using simply Geany to compile it and for windows I used Cmake with already made DLLs of GTK4 to compile it with the microsoft IDE, but I don’t use Windows systems a lot. DO you know if there is a way to make a Windows installation package for my executable ?

There’s another topic that is arising on my application (I’m making a unfolder, to make a 2d pattern, multi-page PDF, from a 3d file), it’s the use of GLArea to allow the user to edit faces of its 3d model to select pieces to unfold), but for the moment I didn’t manage to make a basic window using GLArea, but I will ask about that later.

Hello, for debian you will want to make a runtime dependency for libgtk-4-1 and a build time dependency for libgtk-4-dev. Note you will have to use debian testing to get these packages.

For Windows, if you are using CMake, you can use the CPack NSIS generator to configure and build a Windows installer. You will probably want to make sure you package all the GTK DLLs along with the application which I think you can do by making them PUBLIC dependencies on your project, although I have not tested that in a while. Otherwise you can look into writing NSIS scripts manually to create installers.

@jfrancis Thanks a lot for your reply. I made those additions to my /DEBIAN/control file :

Depends: libgtk-4-1
Build-Depends: libgtk-4-dev

I will try to make the windows installer this week-end.

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