How to sticky first column of GtkTreeView (from horizontal scrolling)?


Is there a way to set the first column to be sticky, and not part of the horizontal scrolling ?

The use case is a “spreadsheet like” TreeView, with a large number of columns, where one would like to be able to see the row title on the first column, while keep scrolling horizontally and continue seeing far right associated numbers columns.

Is it possible in GTK3 (or maybe GTK4 that is near to come), and how ?
If not, is it something that could be, or planned somehow, and do I will fill in a ticket for that ?


PS: I did thought about a crappy solution with a double side by side treeview with connected vertical scrolling and selection, but if there is a clean and native way, I would prefer this for sure !



You could put two treeview widgets with their own scrolled window into an horizontal box; both treeview would be bound to the same model, and you could share the adjustment objects for the vertical scrolling.

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That should work.

Note though that GtkTreeView is not optimized for large numbers of columns. Things will get slow. The scalability of GtkTreeView is only in the vertical direction

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