How to specify command line arguments to a run?

The title is pretty much everything

The Configure build preferences don’t really work when using Rust.
It puts the arguments on cargo build rather than cargo run

You sorta don’t, remember Builder is intended for “Apps” and they generally don’t have arguments when started

Is it worth filing a feature request for this? I’m loving Builder because it’s faster than anything else I’ve used.

If the application is using a Flatpak manifest you can add "x-run-args": ["--foo", "--bar"],

Polari is an example of doing that

I have the same question as @MichaelScofield.

I’m following the GTK Tutorial app. It supports G_APPLICATION_HANDLES_OPEN and I need to pass files to open on the command line to be able to test it. I would really like to be able to do this from Builder, because it automatically sets GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR (or XDG_DATA_DIRS ?) when I click Run.

Ah well opening files is different to --flags of course

Other than installing the app (or using run-args in the manifest) I’m not sure builder has a good way to test that

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