How to replace GtkRadioButton in GTK >= 3.99.1?

The most user-visible change was probably the simplification of the button class hierarchy. Instead of deriving GtkCheckButton from GtkToggleButton, they are now two independent widgets, and they both can be grouped to be mutually exclusive (aka as “radio group”). In this new setup, GtkRadioButton is not really needed anymore, and therefore gone.

GtkRadioButton had the following methods: gtk_radio_button_set_group (), gtk_radio_button_get_group (), gtk_radio_button_join_group ()
Can you detail how we should now use GtkCheckButton or GtkToggleButton to replace GtkRadioButton? Which methods should we use to group them?

gtk_check_button_set_group() and gtk_toggle_button_set_group()


Thank you very much, I guess these methods are new in GTK 3.99.1 because I can not yet find them in the GTK 4 documentation.

Right, I guess I forgot to update the checkbutton section in so they aren’t getting picked up by gtk-doc.

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An entry in the migration guide would also be good to have.

It already is in the migration guide

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I goofed when generating the 3.99.1 docs tarballs, and library-web didn’t handle it very well, so now we have a link thats called 3.99.1, but does in fact point to the 3.99.0 docs.

Lets do another snapshot soon to fix that up.

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