How to remove an entry for an old Bluetooth device?

A few months ago a “mystery” device showed up in my Bluetooth settings, and it turned out to be for a set of temporary traffic lights outside my house. The roadworks have been completed and the lights removed, but the entry is still there and GNOME Settings doesn’t seem to provide a way to remove it. There’s no kind of delete button and it’s no good clicking on the entry, because all it does is show a spinner for a few seconds. I think there’s been an oversight in the UI design here.

Clicking on the device in the row should bring up a dialog, like this one:

Screenshot from 2019-12-14 18-01-53

Which allows you to “forget” the device. If that doesn’t happen it might very well be a bug; you should check in the system’s logs for errors, and file an issue against gnome-control-center.

Yeah, I’m not seeing that dialog for this device, but I do recognise it from my working devices. Looks like a bug, as you say.

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