How to push bugfixing update to an unreviewed extension?

Hello everyone,

I am the author of this new EasyEffects Preset Selector GNOME Extension . After I finished it I uploaded the extension to and it’s waiting for a review now. But hours later I discovered a bug which breaks the functionality of the extension when used with the newer versions of EasyEffects. I tried cancelling the review process on extensions website or remove the extension so I can upload the new one but it doesn’t seem to be possible. I fixed it on my side and pushed the changes to github. But since my first upload to extensions website is still waiting for a review, first I wanted to ask you what is the best approach now. Should I wait until the review process is concluded? Or, should I upload the fixed extension right away. In case of uploading the fixed extension, should it have the version number 2 or same as 1?

You can upload a new version even if the current one is not approved. You can also leave a message on the review page to ask for the current version to not be approved.

When you upload a new version to website, it will automatically increment the version number, so if you want to keep it in sync, increment it as well on your side.

To get in touch more easily with reviewers, you can join the Matrix room.


Thank you for your help. I uploaded the new version and left a message as you suggested. :+1:

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