How to move or resize window irrespective of its states (maximized, tiled ...)

I found from that

“Tiled” is treated as a window state like “maximized”, so the window is positioned and sized automatically until it becomes unconstrained again.

My first keyword was constraints. So i tried


It did not work.

Then i ended up with:

  MoveResize(winid, x, y, width, height) {

        let win = global.get_window_actors().find(w => w.meta_window.get_id() == winid);

        if (win) {
            if (win.meta_window.maximized_horizontally || win.meta_window.maximized_vertically) {
            win.meta_window.move_resize_frame(0, x, y, width, height);
        } else {
            throw new Error('Not found');

This looks like a hack as i am unmaximizing or untiling before moving the window.

What is the native solution here? This looks odd that a window unmaximize then go to a different location. I want to do something so that the unmaximizing is not visible before moving or resizing. I want to change some internal state so that there are no more constrains and i can just move or resize the window.

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