How to make a vertical stack-switcher?

Hi, I have some questions related to stack switcher:
A typical widget I want

  1. How can I make a stack switcher with all its tabs in vertical direction?
  2. How to add an icon to the stack switcher along with title?
  3. What signal is emitted by a stack (stack switcher) when its page is changed?

Please help me here.

Not sure I completely understand, but I think you are referring to GtkNotebook?

If I got this right, then for:

  1. See the example I made in Glade.
  2. See the example I made in Glade.
  3. See this.


EDIT: oh, I get it now. I don’t think you use custom widgets in the stack switcher button, but you could try to make a custom one?

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I have some playlists about Stack and Stackswitcher which you can find them on my YouTube channel.

You really need to understand GtkStack first.

Are you sure that GtkStackSidebar is not what you need?

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I completely forgot that we can change a Notebook’s tab position, so yep GtkNotebook is what I want, thanks.

Should be really useful, thank you. But I found that GtkNotebook is the best one I need.

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