How to hide widget instead removing them in GTK 4?

In GTK 3 app I use glade to create dialog at the start of application and I use same dialog until end.
Instead deleting and creating it every time, I hide it.
Until now I used hide_on_delete function which worked fine with method.

But there are 2 problems with this:

  • In GTK 4 there is no hide_on_delete methods
  • In GTK 3, hide_on_delete not works when using dialog.connect_response instead

How should I hide properly widget instead destroying it?
Creating this dialog on demand is not possible(at least for now)

Connect to the “response” signal, and if the response id is GTK_RESPONSE_DELETE_EVENT then call gtk_widget_hide().

In general, though, I would strongly recommend refactoring your code so that the dialog is created on demand and destroyed. It’ll keep your code easier to maintain.

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