How to get widget absolute position?

I have a GtkWindow with a GtkWidget inside it. How do I get the GtkWidget absolute position on the screen (I might want relative to the monitor )?

Windows have decorations, and if I position window on 200, 200 the content will be positioned on 200 + left decoration and 200 + top decoration.

I guess gtk does this to position combo-boxes menus (for example). I want to do a similar thing on a custom component not written using gtk, but on a gtk window.

I have looked on gtk menu positioning, but it takes many things into account. I was wondering if there is a simpler way to get widget positioning.

You don’t. At most, you can get the relative position to the top-left corner of the GtkWindow’s content area.

This is the result of two things:

  • on X11, the location of the decoration depends on whether the window manager is a reparenting one or not, and whether the window manager exposes that information to its clients
  • on Wayland, applications do not have access to the global coordinate system, only the compositor has that information, so every top-level window exist in its own isolated coordinate space that has its origin in the top-left corner of the window

Additionally, both on X11 and Wayland, window management policies may change the position of top level windows, unless they are marked as “pop up” (override-redirect, on X11); and you need to know the geometry of the monitors to see if your window will be fully on screen or not.

GtkMenu has a ton of API to deal with this because it’s not easy, and it cannot be done portably from outside the toolkit.

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