How to get GTK4 documentation in the devhelp app?


is there any way of getting the GTK4 reference manual in the devhelp app? I’ve searched for a gtk4.devhelp2 but can’t find it, nor can I find any html files for the manual. I can probably get the latter with a lot of work sifting through the online docs, but I’d rather not.

If anybody is using another app or method of viewing the docs which is superior, let me know. I like having all the docs in an app rather than cluttering my browser.


You will need Devhelp 42 in order to read the API reference for GTK4, GdkPixbuf, Pango, and any other project that switched away from gtk-doc to gi-docgen. The devhelp file is installed under $datadir/doc/$libraryname, where $datadir is typically /usr/share.

I recommend installing Devhelp from Flathub, and then installing the org.gnome.Sdk.Docs run time extension, which contains the documentation of all the libraries that are part of the GNOME run time.

You have three options:

  • Install org.gnome.Sdk.Docs runtime extension if you are using the flatpak version of DevHelp (as suggested by @ebassi).
  • Otherwise, make sure you have installed both devhelp and gtk-docs from the distro’s package manager.
  • Also, you can just install as a web-app if you do not mind going online for documentation and you have a web browser capable of installing web-apps.

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