How to get gnome shell camera in desktop

Is there a way to get a better camera app that i saw on post market os of gnome shell. That was way batter looking and working than what we have in gnome called cheese.

Well there is always a way, you just may need to compile it yourself.

The app you’re referring to is probably postmarketOS / megapixels · GitLab. Try to find it in your distro or build it yourself.

yes i can but i want it to be in gnome shell as cheese design is old and bad.

gnome-shell doesn’t integrate in any way with cheese. It is just an app, just like any alternative app you could install.

my mistake i mean to say gnome camera is not good not even follow gtk4 libadwaita so micropixel or mega pixel
so i think cheese need update but as mobile shell already provides camera can that be used in gnome next release.

It has nothing to do with GNOME shell. You should ask your distribution to include the app in their repos.

i use fedora and they only ship whatever gnome have in there core app with shell so i can’t ask like that and you also know that cheese does not look good and functionality is also low and having many camera app is just wasting developer time so i know gnome will switch cheese to gtk4 maybe rewrite a app again so why not use preexisting apps which already there in gnome shell mobile beta in postmerket os or phosh camera app.

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