How to get a flawless and full backup restore

Hello Michael,

As a follow-up topic from my previous one (Restoring backups from Live USB), I just meant to let you know that I’ve been experimenting with restoring backup files/folders and am still struggling to find under which conditions a backup archive can be restored without any exception being listed at the end of the process. Since - and much to my surprise - restoring a backup from a Live OS encounters a permissions issue on the target disk, I tried performing the restore as a logged-in user and, as was to be expected, certain files and folders being in use or locked cannot be restored that way either.

Is there, in your opinion, any straightforward way one can launch the restore of a backup archive and get a flawless result?

Thank you, in advance, for your attention and advice.

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All I backup is the user’s home folder and no exception occurs during the backup process. Only upon restore do exceptions occur…

Hello, sorry for the slow reply.

Your previous thread was around a permission error when restoring. And a new item you mention here is restoring on top of files that are in use and locked?

I guess the straightforward restore approach I would recommend is to restore any files you need into a fresh folder that you can write to. Then take what you need / move files around at your leisure when they aren’t in use / etc.

What are your preferred experiences for these issues? I guess for the permission issue, your preference would be to ask for root access and run that way? There’s some technical difficulties around that (we used to do that but stopped - the main reasons we stopped are that it can’t work with remote storage locations accessed via gvfs and can’t work in containerized apps like flatpaks and snaps). The expected workaround flow there is to just restore to a place you do have write access to instead.

And for the files in-use and locked, what error did you see? What would you want Deja Dup to do in that case?

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