How to generate a on-flatpak application with Gnome Builder?


I’m writing a small Vala/GTK4 application as a frontend for management of wget commands use (the same way that Fragments for torrent files).
I don’t want to use flatpak and I’d like to build and generate a bundle application for my computer operating system (Fedora 36). But in Gnome Builder, the button for that kind of app generation is not usable as you may see in below screenshot.

I don’t understand why this button cannot be used and what I should do for using it.
My building setting is as in below screenshot.

If anyone of you have an idea for helping me resolve that issue, I thank you in advance.

Have a nice day

The “Export Bundle” button is only usable with Flatpak: Sharing your Project — Builder 41.alpha1 documentation

A “bundle application” for a specific Linux distribution is usually called a “package” and they exist in many variations ranging from quite complex to ridiculously complex. I guess you want to learn how to create rpm packages, e.g. Packaging Tutorial: GNU Hello :: Fedora Docs

GNOME Builder doesn’t create any package format automatically and I am not aware of any other tool that does that automatically.

Thank you very much for your answer. I will look at your documentation link about buidling rpm.

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