How to debug gnome-shell crashes?

In Fedora 29 Workstation I repeatedly see two main crash reasons for gnome:

  • when I open 'gnome-tweaks` (crashes often)
  • when I mount any (external?) drive (very, very often)

Now abrt catches these but cannot do anything with the data as the backtraces seem to be invalid.

I reported one crash already at, but nothing has happened since then. And I can totally reproduce them…

So what can I do here?

Also reported the other crash to

Any ideas/tips? (Need to post here, so it does not auto-close.)

Some time ago I updated a wiki page for it, so yo can read an automated way to get it using this script:

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Wow, thanks, i need to try that when I can reproduce these bugs.

But (a similar question) given the devs have not reacted in the GitLab issues in any way, would this actually be useful/help or not worth the work?
I mean, even the abrt report may e.g. contain all the data, but I have no idea whether they even requested it…

The abrt links in those bugs don’t appear to work, so proper backtraces would indeed be helpful.

Unfortunately a bug that is reliably reproducible on your system may not happen at all on other systems:
In fact, this looks like an issue that has been reported various times, but without a clear reproducer (“open tweaks”, “plug in android phone”, “suspend and resume”, “I don’t know what happened”). More data certainly won’t hurt.

They only work for abrt developers, because they contain potentially private information.
But I always wrote this in the bug reports.

I can possibly somehow ask the abrt devs to download them and mail them somewhere or so. Or you just ask… Or I also have one still offline I can personally mail IIRC.
But if I get no reply whatsoever there is nothing I can do…

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