How to customize GNOME File Preview (Sushi)?

I’m currently tinkering with the Sushi File Previewer on elementary OS. As you can see in the Screencast below. I’m talking to it via DBus and as you can see its working quite well - technically. But as I was playing with it, the following two questions arised and I’m wonder if and how they are solvable:

  1. How can I tweak its appearance (background color, font, …)?
  2. How can I avoid its “jumping” (repositioning) right after it starts?

Suhi Preview in elementary

EDIT: In case you are interested, you’ll find the code involved here: Plugin: Files Preview by marbetschar · Pull Request #1289 · elementary/files · GitHub

Just remembered I already posted this question a few days ago - although it was not answered yet. Sorry for double posting.

Nevertheless, appreciate any hints :slight_smile:

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