How to change Entry completion background color?

I am not able to properly change the entry completion background-color.
The Entry has a dark background but the background is white for suggested items.


I tried to change in css:

  • entry
  • entry window
  • entry frame
  • window
  • window frame
  • window decoration
  • popover

Also, I could not find if it is possible to have icons set for each entry completion. Is this possible?


Here is a quick example:

entry {
   color: white;
   background-color: blue

entry .view {
   background-color: blue;

entry .view .cell {
   color: white;
   border: 1px solid white;

If you want to explore which other nodes and classes you can style, run your application with the gtk inspector enabled, e.g. GTK_DEBUG=interactive ./yourapp.

Hope it helps!


Thanks Martin, the GTK_DEBUG=interactive solve my problems.

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